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Today Social Media is where everyone goes online and they spend hours upon hours of time on it.  These platforms have some of the best detailed targeting available online.

Facebook is probably the top social media platform to advertise on because they gather a ton of demographic information about its users.  You can target just about anything that is found in their profiles, and you can track your success with it.

Some examples:

  • Location
  • Relationship Status
  • Age
  • Workplace
  • Education (Major and Years attended)
  • Birthday
  • Recently Moved
  • Interests

You can then create different ads for the different demographics, which will in turn get you better results.

What makes social media so powerful is that it is flexible.  Regardless of your business, they provide enough marketing options that will fit any company, budget, and time constraints.

If Facebook is not part of your online marketing plan, now would be the best time to start.  Facebook is still growing rapidly and because of the detailed demographic choices, you will see fantastic results.

We can help you by running the campaigns for you.  Our experience and knowledge will help you get the results to make Facebook a successful marketing avenue for your business.

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