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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process used that will get your website to show up on the first page of the search results in Google.

Yahoo and Bing are two other search engines that can generate traffic, but they represent only a small portion compared to what Google provides.

The end result of doing SEO is that you will get more visitors to your website, turn those visitors into sales.

Most people do not use the yellow pages anymore.  They now open up Google and search for what they are looking for.  Very rarely do people move to page 2 of the search results.  That is why you need to be on page 1.

Here are some key stats (Source:

  • 33% of searches click on a link on Page 1
  • 59% of searches to go Page 2 and Page 3
  • 67% of all clicks are the first 5 results on Page 1
  • 73% of searches click on 6 – 10 Page 1 results

As you can see, it is very important to not only be on Page 1, but also be in the top 5 results of Page 1.  In the past the top result on page 1 was the most valuable, but now it is any of the top 5 results.  Part of the reason is the use of Google Ads.

According to the study above, here are where the other 23.08% of the clicks are:

  • People click the Google advertisements instead of the organic results.
  • They don’t find exactly what they are looking for on Page 1, therefore look at the next pages.
  • They don’t find what they are looking for at all, and revise their search by adding more words.
  • Now that Google provides more instant answers, sometimes there is no need to click at all because a phone number or address shows up.

We have found that sticking to a process is the best way to accomplish exactly what our customers are looking for.  Eventually part of the process changes, and therefore we then modify our process and add or remove what is or what isn’t working.

Here is our current process:

  1. Setup local listings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  2. Optimize those listings
    1. Business Name
    2. Address
    3. Contact Info
    4. Category
    5. Hours of Business
    6. Map
    7. Photos & Videos
    8. Introduction
    9. Keywords
    10. Validate
  3. Get Reviews
  4. Add your business to business directories (Citations)
  5. Add your business to industry related directories
  6. Create a separate page for each service you provide and include 500 chars min.
  7. Optimize all pages
    1. Target keyword for every page
    2. Unique metatags for each page
    3. Keyword rich urls for every product or service page
    4. Add keywords to headings (H1,H2,H3)
    5. Add keywords to text 2 – 3%.
    6. Link to other pages within text
    7. Optimize images
  8. External Website Links to your site
    1. Testimonials to local suppliers
    2. Link back from Social Media profiles
    3. Paid Authority Directories
  9. Add to Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  10. Website load time
  11. Mobile Friendly website
  12. Safe & Secure (SSL & Anti Malware seal)
  13. Setup a blog
  14. Optimize content for SEO & Sharing
  15. Add video to your website
  16. Create trust with your website
    1. Supplier logos
    2. Guarantees
    3. Professional Accreditations


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